¿Quiénes somos?

Friends, partners, sisters.
Aloha, Nani! We are Sofi and Pao, the founders of Lani. We are going to tell you a little bit about us and how Lani was born.
We are two Mexican entrepreneurs, from San Luis Potosí, that other business partners are very close friends.
From elementary school our paths crossed and our dreams began. With completely different personalities, we managed to make a work team like no other, always sharing the same dream: that Lani be the # 1 menstrual cup in Mexico, that it really be the product that changes the lives of thousands of women just as ours changed .
We have been friends since approximately 13 years. Years later, studying different careers, at different universities we realized the large amount of plastic waste generated from products commonly used for menstrual protection. We had to find a solution and we found the menstrual cup. An absolute wonder! It completely changed our lives and we wanted to tell the whole world.
Sadly, in Mexico it was very difficult for us to obtain a reliable and accessible menstrual cup so we decided to do something about it. In July 2017, we started working on the Lani design, so that it would be a cup that could be used by the vast majority of women, that could be bought from anywhere in the country, and that women could also identify with our brand.
In December 2018 we started the presale and since that day we have reached all corners of the country. Women from all over Mexico have told us about the incredible experiences they have had with Lani and how their lives have changed just like ours did.
 Lani's mission is not only to offer a quality product, but to change the menstrual experience of thousands of women in Mexico who are currently not satisfied with the products they use. Lani strives so that menstruation is not perceived or experienced as something negative, limiting and disgusting. That if we are going to menstruate, it is in the best possible way.


Sofía is 26 years old and is an Engineer in Business and Information Technology. Sofia is passionate about conserving the environment and animals. One of his biggest concerns is plastic waste and its effect on marine life. As well as fighting against global warming. This was her motivation when looking for an alternative to feminine hygiene products, finding the menstrual cup.
Sofia also seeks menstrual education and female empowerment, that women are free and nothing stops them, that they shine even on the hardest days of the month.


Ana Paola is a 26-year-old working woman, has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Ana Pao is very active, both professionally, socially and physically. She is moved to take care of the planet and always help others. He likes to eat, sleep, dance, go to the movies and exercise.
She wants to spread the word to women in Mexico to join the movement of the menstrual cup and that they are comfortable 365 days a year, 24/7.
Where can you find us?
We have our offices in San Luis Potosí.
Sierra Madre 219, Lomas Segunda Sección, 78210
San Luis Potosí, SLP.
In the rest of the republic you can buy directly with our official distributors that you can find on our distributors page.

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